Blositive Packaging & Identity Design

Blositive Packaging on table with makeup items

Blositive is a brand new line of skin treatment products based in Amsterdam that launched early 2021 with the first in it’s line, the ZitGobbler pimple patches.   Their mission is to treat every consumer with respect by developing uncomplicated, clean products backed by scientific research; getting rid of bogus […]

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Versantus Logo Design


Versantus is an award winning UX, design and development company. They needed a new logo that reflected their business. In particular, they needed a logo mark for the letter ‘V’ with longevity, so that over the years the branding can undergo minor updates, with minimal changes to their logo mark. […]

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Sigma Panels Business Cards


Business cards designed for Sigma Panels, a control panel manufacturer based in Banbury. They already had a website design and logo that they were happy with so the wheel didn’t need to be reinvented for these designs. Instead, elements on their branding that we felt stood out were used to […]

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Wellbeing of Women Rebrand


Working with NU Creative, we worked on the Wellbeing of Women rebrand. Refreshing their logo and colours. Their original logo was similar but featured much harsher lines for the ‘W’. So we softened it and softened the colour palette. Alongside this a homepage graphic for their website was created, which […]

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